Part 3: The Eyce Molds Difference

Part 3: The Eyce Molds Difference

"We Didn’t Invent Silicone, We Simply Perfected It!"

In the modern world, a smoker’s lifestyle shouldn’t be inhibited by anything, least of all by their pipe. Someone who’s always moving – hiking, traveling, or just “on-the-go”; needs a product that’s virtually unbreakable, versatile, completely adaptable to the situation, easy to clean, and stylish at the same time. They are looking for, and wanting, the best. And that’s exactly what Eyce Molds provides with their unique silicone pipes.

The Path to Perfecting Silicone

Eyce Molds was started in 2013, and for the past 7 years we have worked hard to develop a reputation in the industry, providing a line of silicone smoking products that are unparalleled. We created the Eyce Molds difference by perfecting the way silicone should be utilized in the smoking industry. Our goal was to create a product with one clear mantra: “Durability That Rips”. That means that our unique pipes are designed to stand up to consistent use and rough conditions. But, if one should fail in any way, shape, or form, we’ve got you covered with our lifetime warranty*.

We’re able to offer this vote of confidence in our products for the simple reason that they are stronger, tougher, and more versatile than any other silicone pipes on the market. We like to say that we didn’t invent silicone, we simply perfected it. And, the number of customers that come back to show their brand loyalty is a testament to that fact. Just browse our reviews to see why our customers insist that our ICON collection of products are the best silicone pipes created.

Our customers can fold, bend, and even run over their pipes without the concern of damaging them; giving just another reason why Eyce Molds silicone smoking products are superior.

Not only does Eyce Molds sell the most durable unique smoking pipes on the market, but we also sell replacement parts, additional components (like the GPen Connect), interchangeable accessories, and a silicone cleaning solution. With quick adaptability, you can turn any Eyce Molds product from a flower smoking device to a wax concentrate burning rig or honey straw; for a truly uninhibited smoker lifestyle.

All said, the combined benefits of durability, adaptability, portability, and overall versatility, along with the unprecedented Eyce Molds lifetime warranty, clearly sets Eyce Molds apart from the competition. And, as such, it’s easy to see how and why our products are the best silicone pipes on the market. It’s the Eyce Molds difference. As with any of our silicone pipes, a smoke session is as easy as taking it out of the box. But, with the purchase of a few interchangeable components, you can enjoy that same unique silicone pipe for smoking wax or flower material.

It’s only natural that a pipe so portable, flexible, and durable makes the perfect travel companion. Eyce Molds products are discrete and incredibly easy to pack. Plus, you never have to stress over a busted bubbler or water pipe again, since each of our ICON collection of silicone pipes come with a lifetime warranty. And, we offer replaceable parts, if ever needed.

Unparalleled Style and Design

One look at Eyce Molds’ unique smoking pipes is all that it takes to see that our brand has a character all its own. The eye-catching limited-edition color combinations of our products are perfect for collectors. We even offer collorway bundles for those looking to kick-start their own silicone pipe collection. 

When you purchase a silicone smoking pipe from Eyce Molds, you don’t just get a unique smoking pipe, you also get a number of added tools to enhance ease of use; like a built-in poker, carb cap, magnetic ring lighter holder, and more. Plus, nearly every pipe comes with a hidden compartment, for convenient storage.

When we say that our products have a totally unique style, we don’t just mean the way that they look. Everything from aesthetic to function is individualistic with Eyce Molds' pipes, so they’re perfect for the smoker who marches to the beat of their own drum.

At the end of the day, no rewards program or customer service team matters if we don’t have an incredible product to back it up. And, at Eyce Molds, there is no doubt that our product stands head and shoulders above the rest.

We take our commitment to producing the best silicone pipes seriously because we know exactly how much they can truly enhance your lifestyle. If you’re ready to enjoy the most durable, convenient, and stylish pipe on the market, see for yourself, the Eyce Molds difference, today!


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