How To Use The Eyce Solo

How To Use The Eyce Solo

How does a dugout work? 

There’s something kind of magical about a dugout, truly nothing beats being completely prepared for anything. When it comes to smoking and going about your day, sometimes it may seem daunting to carry around everything required to smoke - material, a large pipe, a bunch of pre-rolls, it just isn’t always possible. But with a dugout, life is easy. For those of us who are always on the go, a dugout set provides the perfect set up when grab and go is of the utmost importance. 

The Eyce Solo is our take on a dugout. At 3.25 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide and crafted from platinum cured silicone, this dugout is made for a life on the road. It features a borosilicate glass one-hitter and steel poker tool with storage for both. It also features a large storage area intended to hold your material and is where you’ll load your one-hitter. 

The genius in dugouts is their simplicity. Much easier than pre-rolling and simpler than carrying multiple pieces of equipment for you, their minimalist design is a travelers dream. This innovative accessory is a must have for all smokers who value their time and appreciate the value in being prepared, not to mention the added value in its discretion. 

How to fill your Solo

When using a dugout like the Eyce Solo, it’s highly recommended that you grind your material. Loading the one hitter is much easier and more efficient when your material is more finely ground. Using an herb grinder, grind as much material as required to pack the material storage of your dugout completely. 

Once your Solo material storage is full, it’s ready to load the one-hitter. To load your one-hitter, first remove it from it’s storage space. To fill it, insert the one-hitter top down into the material. While inserting, press and twist simultaneously, filling the cavity. It’s important to apply some pressure while twisting in order to help the material completely fill the top of the one-hitter. Finesse the pipe enough so that the material is tight but not too tight, packing it too tight will make clearing the piece difficult. Practice will make perfect for this step, the more you use your Solo the more you’ll get a feel for loading your one-hitter. 

How to smoke your dugout properly
Once your Eyce Solo is loaded, smoking it is very similar to smoking the Eyce Shorty. After filling the one-hitter, place your lips on the mouthpiece of the pipe. Using your lighter, ignite your bowl and inhale lightly on the mouthpiece of the one-hitter. Always remember, one-hitters don’t require strong pulls like large hand pipes or water pipes so light tugs are more than enough to inhale. After use, be sure to clear your one-hitter while keeping in mind that the glass may be hot after use. Avoid directly touching the end of the one-hitter while still hot.

How to clean your Eyce Solo

In between repacking your Solo, it’s important to completely clear out the one-hitter so that there isn’t any stray material sticking to the sides. Because the one-hitter is so narrow, bits of material and resin can build up easily making it more difficult to clean out down the road. In between repacking, your steel poker tool will be great for clearing out the one-hitter but it’s also important to deep clean your pieces from time to time. 

Deep cleaning your dugout is an easy task. Start by removing all material - clearing the one-hitter, and removing any material from the storage container. After removing all solid material apply Eyce Silicone cleaner to the inside of the silicone body as well as the inside of the glass one hitter. All both to soak for 5 minutes and then scrub to remove any stuck-on grime. Using old toothbrushes and cotton swabs are great for tough to remove resin and hard to reach spots. After scrubbing, rinse each piece thoroughly and let dry. 

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