How To Use An Eyce Shorty

How To Use An Eyce Shorty


How does a Eyce Shorty one-hitter work? 

One-hitters are one of the most intuitive and simplest smoking pipes to operate - and the Eyce Shorty is no exception. It is a straight, silicone cylinder featuring a glass bowl on one end where dry material is placed and a mouthpiece on the opposite end, to be inhaled from. Being the smallest, most compact product in the Eyce Silicone Collection, the Eyce Shorty is one of the most reliable and easy to maintain pipes; perfect for on-the-go smokers.

How to load your Eyce Shorty?

Silicone One-HitterPreparing your Eyce Shorty is fairly simple. While it’s possible to just rip-off a nugget of material and stuff it into the glass bowl; it’s not optimal. A more common procedure is to grind the material up and pack it in evenly, providing a more consistent flavor and burn. When filling the glass bowl, make sure not to pack the dry material too tightly (otherwise little to no oxygen will get through; which helps allow smoke to be inhaled) or too loosely (as this could cause the material to fall out). You’re looking to pack it “just right” – the plant material should be tight enough to keep it together but loose enough to feel airflow.

How to smoke your Eyce Shorty one-hitter properly?

Smoking Silicone One-HitterSmoking your Eyce Shorty is a fairly intuitive process. After filling your bowl, place your lips on the mouthpiece of the pipe. Using your lighter, ignite your bowl and inhale lightly on the silicone opening of the Shorty. Remember, one-hitters don’t require strong pulls like large hand pipes or water pipes so light tugs are more than enough to inhale. After use, keep in mind that the glass bowl will be hotter than the silicone. Avoid directly touching the glass.

How to clean your Eyce Shorty?

Cleaning Silicone Chillum

Cleaning your Shorty is just as easy as using it. Start by clearing out any solid materials from the glass bowl or silicone body using a cotton swab. After removing solid material, pop the glass bowl from the body of the Shorty. Clean the glass bowl separately. Apply some Eyce Silicone Cleaner to the inside of the silicone body. Allow silicone body to soak for 5 minutes and then scrub to get any stuck-on grime. Using old toothbrushes and cotton swabs are great for stuck-on dirt or hard to reach spots. After scrubbing, rinse your simple smoking pipe thoroughly and let dry.

How to use your Eyce Shorty as a honey straw?

Eyce Shorty As Honey StrawDid you know that your Eyce Shorty can also be converted into a straw? With the use of our titanium or quartz nozzle, just remove the glass bowl from your Shorty and pop in the nozzle. Check out our blog on How To Use The Eyce Collector for more information on how to use your Shorty as a straw.

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