Ways to redeem

Get rewarded for purchasing our silicone smoking products and accessories. Start your Eyce Molds collection today and earn points toward future purchases.

By simply signing up and immersing yourself in the Eyce Molds lifestyle, through our social media profiles, you can earn 600 points! That’s a free and easy way to earning $5 off, before ever making a purchase. With a birthday and $200 spent, you’ll earn another 400 points. Quickly and easily you can build up 1000 points by purchasing $200 of your favorite silicone smoking products, rewarding you with $50 in Eyce Bucks, toward any future Eyce Molds purchase. What other silicone smoking brand rewards its loyal customers like that?!?

    Redeem Points:

    • 500 points – $5 Eyce Bucks
    • 1000 points – $50 Eyce Bucks
    • 2500 points -$150 Eyce Bucks

    Learn how to earn points here. 

    ** Points have no value and can only be earned and redeemed when purchasing products directly through the Eyce Molds online store **