Counterfeits and Knockoffs

How to spot a counterfeit:

Eyce is aware of counterfeit Eyce products in the marketplace both online and in stores. Counterfeits are a huge problem in our industry. It is important that you the customer understand how to spot a counterfeit product so you don't get duped! 

Since counterfeits are not manufactured with the same quality materials as authentic Eyce products, counterfeit units present a number of serious health and safety risks. To avoid purchasing a counterfeit product, we always recommend purchasing through an authorized vendor. Find a dealer on our Store Finder or buy online at

Another good clue is to always look for official Eyce markings underneath the products. 

Eyce has a dedicated team working with law enforcement agencies to stop the distribution and manufacturing of our patented and trademarked products. If you know of or find a store or website carrying counterfeits, please notify us right away. Be certain you are purchasing an authentic Eyce — the copies are no substitute!


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