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Downloadable Eyce Molds Brand Assets

Eyce Logos

Our logo is our most requested asset and the simplest way to start promoting Eyce as a new product offering. Below are our most common logo uses. Before getting started using the Eyce logo, be sure to take a look at our brand guideline and understand best practices when applying our trademark.


Eyce Molds Trademark Logo

Eyce Molds Durability That Rips Logo



Social Media Promotion

Now that you've got Eyce Molds in the shop, we've created a logo and social media asset just for you. These graphics are perfect for publishing across your social platforms to let your customers know you're now carrying the best silicone pipes on the market.

Eyce Molds Social Media Assets


Authorized Retailer

As an authorized retailer, you're part of a select group that carries Eyce. We've created assets specifically to help you standout as an elite retailer.

Eyce Molds Authorized Retailer Guidelines


Digital Marketing Assets

Have an online platform or run email campaigns for your shop? Download our graphics perfect for promotions on a homepage or drop them into your next e-blast to let your customers know Eyce is now in stock.

Eyce Molds Digital Assets