Water Pipes vs Dry Pipes: Which One is Better?

Water Pipes vs Dry Pipes: Which One is Better?

Some smokers have no real preference between water and dry pipes, while others swear by one versus the other. But who’s right? As the names suggest, there are pretty obvious differences between the two: dry pipes do not require water to smoke, while water pipes do require water to smoke properly. Depending on how and where you smoke, one might offer enhanced performance, convenience, or be better suited for you than the other, and Eyce Molds is here to help you make the all-important decision.

Dry Pipes

Dry pipes are an all-time favorite due to their extreme convenience and vast selection of available materials to choose from. But as many seasoned smokers will know, there are a number of pros and cons to the dry pipe:

  • Despite many custom designs, a dry pipe takes you from A to B without any frills.
  • With no setup, dry pipes can be used quickly and are easy to clean out.
  • Dry pipes are typically small enough to fit in your hand and can be transported discreetly, such as the Eyce Shorty and Eyce Spoon.
  • The smaller design means less material cost, making dry pipes a less expensive option.
  • Harsher smoke. With the flame so close to your mouth, dry pipes often have a harsher draw that can be a turn off for some.

Water Pipes

Water changes your smoking experience in more ways than one, and there are advantages and disadvantages to using a water pipe instead of a dry pipe:

  • Smoother draw. The water cools the smoke, making it easier on your throat. This means you can take longer draws and feel the effects faster.
  • Better filtration. Water helps to filter out unwanted toxins before they reach your throat, resulting in a cleaner drag.
  • High maintenance. Cleaning a water pipe can be a bit of a bugger - because of the way it filters, residue collects inside the pipe and can be difficult to remove.
    • However, Eyce Molds has a fantastic silicone cleaning solution that has been specially crafted for our silicone water pipes such as the Eyce Hammer, making the cleaning process much easier than traditional water pipes.

The Verdict

Frankly...it depends on your personal preference. If you want an A to B device that gets the job done quickly, choose a dry pipe such as the Eyce Shorty or Eyce Spoon. If you enjoy the art and ritual of pipe smoking and prefer a cleaner, more refined approach, go with a water pipe such as the Eyce Hammer.

No matter which style of pipe you choose, Eyce has the perfect product for you. All our products are made of quality silicone that makes them durable, easy to transport, and stylish. Plus, if you burn it, break it, or damage it we will replace it! Check out the Eyce difference today!

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