The Traveling Smoker & Silicone Pipes: Practical, Durable, & Portable

The Traveling Smoker & Silicone Pipes: Practical, Durable, & Portable

Eyce Molds has revolutionized the industry of smoking devices with the use of silicone. Their silicone pipes and pieces are perfect for the traveling smoker due to the durability, flexibility, and lightweight. Their “travel-friendly” portable pipes and other silicone products make it much easier to bring your smoking device along with you on your next adventure. All of Eyce Molds' products are easy to clean and hold up extremely well throughout their life. This is part of their guarantee; backed by their industry-leading lifetime warranty. It is understood that when you travel, it is often difficult to stick to a routine. If you are using medication to help with a physical condition, this can cause problems. For your convenience, and peace of mind, Eyce Molds offers a variety of options to bring your product and/or medicine with you on the road.

The pliability of silicone pipes allows them to be folded, which means your piece will take up less room in your luggage when traveling, giving you the option of taking your new favorite Eyce Molds durable water pipe along on your next trip. Since silicone is unbreakable, you won’t have to worry about damage or loss should you drop your bag. All of Eyce Molds smoking devices are made of long-lasting, high-quality silicone, and come complete with a lifetime warranty. If you break it, burn it, or tear it, we’ll still replace it, no questions asked. How’s that for a “smoking” deal?

The silicone pipes are portable, flexible, compact, unbreakable, and easy to clean, leaving no residue or odor that might draw unwanted attention or transfer to clothing or other items when you plan to travel. When cleaned properly, with the use of Eyce Molds' exclusive plant-based silicone cleaner, you can rest easy knowing you and your pipe will travel safely.

Eyce offers a variety of products for your consumption of any material, and we have several products and accessories that are perfect for the traveling smoker. Shop the Eyce Molds online store today for that travel pipe you need before that next adventure.

What Makes the Eyce Silicone Pipe A Top 10 Travel Pipe? Did you know that the Eyce Molds Silicone Spoon Hand Pipe was voted one of the top 10 travel pipes by It’s true. Their handy silicone spoon pipe comes in a variety of cool color combos, is extremely affordable, comes with that lifetime warranty we mentioned earlier, is super easy to clean, and because it’s made from medical-grade silicone, this beautiful smoking accessory is virtually indestructible. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself and see what everyone is raving about! Or try one of their other portable pipes like the Eyce Shorty, a silicone pipe with a platinum cured silicone body and proprietary snap-in glass bowl design. The bowl can be easily removed for cleaning or converted to a honey straw by swapping the bowl with their new titanium nozzle. To make it as easy as possible to bring with you, they added an easy to clip key chain loop.

We stand behind the Eyce Molds product line because they’re just that good, and we know you won’t be disappointed on your next excursion if you take one along for the trip. Take a minute to browse their latest collections and best sellers. You can also sign up to become a member and learn how to earn Eyce Rewards and get your very own all-access pass to exclusive member rewards.

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