Part 1: The Eyce Molds Promise

Part 1: The Eyce Molds Promise

"Durability That Rips"

The Eyce Molds promise, "Durability That Rips", is evident in the raving product reviews left by many satisfied buyers, both new and returning. We take pride in our commitment to customers and the quality of our products. That is why our ICON line of silicone products come with an unprecedented lifetime warranty.

Our silicone pipes are both beautiful and durable, really standing out from the competition. Eyce Molds’ products are so flexible that they can be folded, giving you the ability to pack away your favorite piece when heading out on your next adventure. Silicone is not just flexible, it’s unbreakable! No longer are the days of worrying about damage to your water pipe because it got dropped on the floor, packaged poorly for travel, or by pure accident and clumsiness. Our silicone pipes are made of high-quality silicone, making them flexible, compact, and portable; while remaining stylish and unique. They’re also super easy to clean. You won’t find a better line of silicone products on the market.

“We didn’t invent silicone, we simply perfected it”

At Eyce Molds, we’re proud of the unique smoking pipes we offer. From the development and launch of our first product, and through our process of perfecting the best silicone pipes, the smoker’s lifestyle forever changed. Our products are unparalleled in the industry, and our happy customers prove that Eyce Molds products stand alone as the best on the market.

Each Eyce Molds silicone pipe comes with our promise that if you break it, burn it, or tear it, we will replace it.

The Eyce Molds Silicone Spoon Hand Pipe was voted one of the top 10 travel pipes by When you want a handy silicone spoon pipe in amazing colors that’s super easy to clean, flexible, portable, unbreakable, affordable, and comes with a lifetime warranty, this is the silicone pipe for you. Another premium Eyce Molds travel pipe is the Eyce Shorty; a cool pipe with a platinum cured silicone body and proprietary snap-in glass bowl design. Swap out the bowl with our Titanium Nozzle for use as a honey straw. Take it along for the ride by clipping to your key chain. Eyce Molds promises to continue developing and producing the best silicone pipes and accessories; always looking for ways to enhance the smoker’s experience.

We offer top quality, elite silicone products that are superior to other silicone products on the market, with a lifetime warranty that’s unparalleled in our industry. We choose to craft our products with unique limited-edition colors, tools, and accessories; and when possible, we even find ways to include a hidden compartment for your special stash. We do this because we believe in beauty, style, and versatility along with form, function, and durability. Whether you’re looking for a nifty silicone pipe or a limited-edition smoking pipe, you can browse our virtual shelves and see all the possibilities.

Keep an eye out for part 2 of our blog series: The Eyce Advantage

When you finally experience an Eyce Molds product for the first time, you will understand why we promise; “Durability that Rips”. Sign up to become a member today to earn Eyce Rewards and get your very own all-access pass to exclusive member benefits.



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