Part 2: The Eyce Molds Advantage

Part 2: The Eyce Molds Advantage

"Innovating Durability For The People"

More and more, we see people from all backgrounds entering the market and looking for a brand to connect with. And, like most people, when learning about something new, you seek answers from the experts.

Eyce Molds is known to be the leader in silicone smoking devices. From the diversity of our product line to the adaptability and versatility of our products themselves, we do our best to provide top quality silicone smoking products to the market. And we stand behind our product, offering an industry-leading lifetime warranty.

Even with a great product and a killer warranty, we felt we could take the Eyce Molds customer advantage even further. We wanted to create a unique and well-rounded customer experience. In order to do so, we’ve created a few programs geared to enhance the customer experience and establish Eyce Molds as more than just another brand.

In the past few months, we’ve created the Eyce Affiliate program and revamped our Eyce Rewards program. Both programs allow you to share your love of Eyce Molds while earning Eyce Bucks to use towards future purchases. It’s our way of giving back to you for your continued support of the brand.

The development of the two initiatives took some time, but they too have provided significant benefits to our loyal customers and our brand. Both programs are easy to join; giving you yet another reason to buy direct from the Eyce Molds shop.

Eyce Rewards: Spend More, Earn More!

Get rewarded for purchasing our silicone smoking products and accessories. Start your Eyce Molds collection today and earn points toward future purchases.

By simply signing up and immersing yourself in the Eyce Molds lifestyle, through our social media profiles, you can earn 600 points! That’s a free and easy way to earning $5 off, before ever making a purchase. With a birthday and $200 spent, you’ll earn another 400 points. Quickly and easily you can build up 1000 points by purchasing $200 of your favorite silicone smoking products, rewarding you with $50 in Eyce Bucks, toward any future Eyce Molds purchase. What other silicone smoking brand rewards its loyal customers like that?!?

Getting Started:

Customers must sign up (creating a user account with Eyce Molds);

Earn Points:

  • Sign Up – 200 points
  • Follow on Instagram – 200 points
  • Share on Twitter – 75 points
  • Share on Facebook – 75 points
  • Like on Facebook – 50 points
  • Have a birthday – 200 points
  • Place an order – 1 point for every $1 spent

Redeem Points:

  • 500 points – $5 Eyce Bucks
  • 1000 points – $50 Eyce Bucks
  • 2500 points -$150 Eyce Bucks

** Points have no value and can only be earned and redeemed when purchasing products directly through the Eyce Molds online store **

Eyce Affiliate Program: Unlimited Earning Potential!

For those looking to be a brand ambassador of Eyce Molds; our newly redesigned affiliate program can put money in your bank. There is no minimum or maximum to the work you put in or the money you can earn. Promote, showcase, and enjoy our products through your social channels, by using a custom URL, provided upon sign up. Anytime a customer makes a purchase through your URL, you earn a 5% cut – cash money!* We even have downloadable marketing materials to help promote the brand; giving you the tools to look official and earn more!

*All affiliate payouts are made through PayPal or bank transfer of your choosing.

The development of the Eyce Rewards and the Eyce Affiliate programs is just one more step we are taking to provide an unmatched experience to our customers; that’s the Eyce advantage. Through these programs, we invite our customers to actively participate in the Eyce Molds lifestyle while earning discounts and cash.

Keep an eye out for part 3 of our blog series: The Eyce Difference

Don’t just settle for any old pipe. We want to be your trusted guide, not just by offering a wide variety of unique and adaptable products, but by providing you with the User Guides and the assurance of quality, through our Lifetime Warranty. We are smokers, welcoming all smokers. Let us be a part of your story, while you become part of ours.

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