Part 5: Eyce Molds Counterfeits & Competitors

Part 5: Eyce Molds Counterfeits & Competitors

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that is the case, then we ought to be flattered here at Eyce Molds. Our silicone smoking devices seem to be a constant source of inspiration for competitors in the industry, making it difficult for consumers to differentiate the quality of Eyce products, and fully experience the Eyce Molds Difference.

On our path to perfecting silicone we experienced many ups and downs; blazing a trail for all to follow. And, while we know without a doubt that we create the best silicone pipes on the market, we want to ensure that all of our prospective customers and those that have shown long-term loyalty, know how to differentiate Eyce Molds products from others. After all, “we didn’t invent silicone, we simply perfected it!” So, next time you purchase a silicone smoking device, look for the best. Look for Eyce Molds' authentic products. You'll be happy you did. 

How to Spot A Fake

One of the easiest ways to know that you are looking at one of the unique smoking pipes created by Eyce Molds is to shop at an authorized vendor. These retailers are the only ones permitted to carry our products, so if you see one somewhere else, chances are it’s just a poor imitation rather than an authentic Eyce Molds creation.

Another easy indicator of many Eyce Molds knockoffs is by the labeling on the products themselves. Simply review the device, looking for the "EYCE" logo imprinted alongside the product, or check the bottom of the piece for our patent or patent pending impression. Every authentic bubbler, pipe, beaker, sidecar, rig, etc. created by Eyce Molds will have a patent or patent-pending marker under the cap. If you don’t see official Eyce branding, then the product isn’t ours and the quality is likely lacking.

If you believe you have spotted a knockoff or fake that is being sold or represented as an Eyce Molds product; please take a moment to report the fake. We have a process in place to investigate such matters. And, as a thank you for your fieldwork, we offer discounts to anyone that reports a valid counterfeit. We are proud of our quality and want you to experience why we, along with many consumers, believe that our products stand alone as the best.

Staying Ahead Of Our Competitors

Not all of Eyce Molds' competition attempts to copy and rip off Eyce products. Many competitors are simply in the business of creating their own version of quality silicone pipes. Our biggest direct competitors in the silicone smoking industry are Strong Silicone, PieceMaker, Ooze, Roll Uh Bowl, and Waxmaid. Commonly, you'll find that these competitors have one, two, maybe three unique designs. None offer a full portfolio of products like Eyce does; including accessories, interchangeable components, adaptable devices, etc. 

Aside from using advanced materials, developing unique designs, and being adaptable and convenient for the user, no competitor comes close to providing a guarantee on their silicone smoking devices, as Eyce Molds does with our lIfetime warranty.

Call us crazy, but at Eyce Molds, we love our competitors - they motivate us to constantly push the envelope and keep innovating to create the next best silicone product. We like to say that we’ve perfected silicone, but we know that we have to work hard to stay on top of the industry, and we’re up to the challenge.

Durability That Rips: More Than Just A Motto

Eyce Molds provides a lifetime warranty on their "ICON Collection" of silicone smoking pipes for the simple reason that you cannot fake quality this good. Customers who invest in authentic Eyce products enjoy a wide range of rewards beyond our generous warranty, not the least of which is a totally unencumbered smoker lifestyle.

When we say our silicone pipes are durable, we mean you can bend, fold, and contort them with no concerns about them tearing. Not to mention, our products come with a wide range of interchangeable parts and hidden compartments for unbelievable adaptability and portability.

All of this boils down to one simple fact: when you purchase authentic Eyce Molds products, you don’t just enjoy the benefit of knowing you supported the artists and creators behind the most innovative silicone pipes in the industry, you also get to experience a level of quality and versatility that simply doesn’t exist with any other brand.


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