Part 4: Eyce Molds Wholesale Opportunities

At Eyce Molds, we like to say that we didn’t invent silicone, we simply perfected it. Dealers who are tired of selling subpar silicone pipes don’t have to settle for second-best. Becoming an Eyce Molds dealer is simpler than you might imagine, and it opens up your smoke shops to a whole new world of possibilities.

How to Become a Dealer

At Eyce Molds, we don’t believe in making things excessively complicated or difficult to comprehend. Our passion is simple: making unique silicone smoking pipes. If your passion is selling them, then all you need to do is comply with our dealer requirements.

There’s no impossible legal jargon involved in our requirements, just a few simple requests. These include, but are not limited to; maintaining all current business information, selling to retail customers only, avoiding customer confusion, and abiding by our minimum advertised price policy for all products listed in our product catalog.

Once you become a dealer and start receiving Eyce Molds silicone smoking products on wholesale, you’re officially a member of the Eyce family. That means that you’re welcome (and encouraged) to utilize our brand assets for your marketing efforts, and you can improve your visibility by including your shop on our store locator page.

Customers Can Capitalize on Our Perks

The Eyce Molds motto is “durability that rips” for a reason. We’re in the business of making the best silicone pipes that will outlast any others; and that’s exactly why we offer a lifetime warranty on our ICON Collection of silicone products.

When a smoke shop chooses to become an Eyce Molds authorized dealer, our promise still stands: we honor lifetime warranties for products sold through our dealers. Customers simply have to register their new product through our website, following their purchase.

Dealers Get Credit for Our Phenomenal Products

We may do the legwork in creating our limited edition smoking pipes, but you’ll get all the glory for selling them, and trust us, you’ll be receiving rave reviews in no time.

Our silicone pipes are virtually unbreakable, made with incredibly high-quality platinum cured silicone that can be bent, twisted, and flattened for easy packing and storage. The functionality of our products doesn’t end there, though; our pipes come with detachable parts that can be replaced or swapped out to accommodate either flower or concentrate, and many have hidden stash compartments as well.

It’s true that Eyce Molds pipes function better than any other, but they also look great. Our unique selection of color combinations will give your customers a sense of individualism that they’ll love, and our 6 years of experience in the industry have allowed us to learn how best to use high-grade silicone materials while maintaining this unique style.

Best of all, you’ll hardly have to work to publicize the fact that you’re selling Eyce Molds pipes. Once you become an authorized distributor, fans of our brand will actively seek you out through our store finder page. 

With incredibly unique, highly adaptable, and unbelievably durable pipes, Eyce Molds has developed a reputation as the best in the business for a reason. If you’re ready to become a part of the Eyce Molds family, learn more about becoming a dealer today.


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