Love your Eyce Shorty? – Check out the Eyce Solo

Love your Eyce Shorty? – Check out the Eyce Solo

Love your Eyce Shorty? – Check out the Eyce Solo

Our Eyce Shorty has been a popular hit (no pun intended) for a while now, and we know that our customers love the discrete, single-hit, easy travel qualities that it offers. If you've made the Eyce Shorty your go-to for on-the-go smoking, you're sure to love the newest edition to the Eyce family – the Eyce Solo.

The Eyce Solo is the first-ever smoking dugout for sale at our store. As many of you know, and for the many who don't, a dugout is a small case that has a place for your pipe and your material and enables you to pull it out, pack it, and enjoy it quickly without a lot of fuss or conspicuous activity.


We're Not Saying It's Better, It's Just Different

The Eyce Shorty is one of our favorites due to its compact size and incognito approach to smoking. The benefit of the Eyce Solo is that it being a smoking dugout enables you to store a significant amount of material to last you a while and incorporates tool storage for your steel poker as well (we heard you!). It's made from the same silicone that our products are known for and packs the same level of durability as our entire product line. Depending on your personal needs, you may find that the Eyce Solo smoking dugout offers a more convenient way to enjoy smoking over other models as it's truly built for life on the go. Learn more about both the Eyce Shorty and the new Eyce Solo in our User Guides to decide which is best for you!


Smoking Dugouts for Sale at Eyce Molds

Shorty, Solo – whatever suits your needs best. At Eyce Molds, we're constantly trying to add innovative products to our store to help you enjoy smoking. Remember, we back what we build with our signature Eyce Lifetime Warranty that covers breaks, burns, and rips. If you want to try the Eyce Solo on for size, purchase yours online today.

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