Love your Eyce Rig II? – Try the Eyce Spark!

Love your Eyce Rig II? – Try the Eyce Spark!

 At Eyce Molds, we’re always looking to provide high-quality pipes, water pipes, and rigs to our customers, and our all-new Eyce Spark rig is our best yet! If you’re looking to enjoy a truly premium experience, you’re sure to love the Eyce Spark – especially if you’ve got an Eyce Rig II and love it! 

Like the Eyce Rig II, the Eyce Spark has a slick design and tons of storage, combined with durability and a bunch of extra accessories that will help you make the most of your smoking experience. It’s a real banger! Read on to learn more about the Eyce Spark and see if it’s right for you!


The Eyce Spark – A Game-Changer For Smoking Enthusiasts

If you’re a smoking enthusiast, Eyce knows only the best products will do – and that you need a rig you can rely on to smoke flower and concentrates. Like the Eyce Rig II, the Eyce Spark is adaptable for use with any material - it even comes equipped with accessories needed to convert your product between flower and concentrates.

The Eyce Spark glass rig is a setup built for any smoking connoisseur. It’s an all-glass piece with the protection of a platinum cured silicone ProTeck™ sleeve – and it comes fully stocked with a ton of accessories and such as:

The Eyce Spark’s all-glass construction delivers an all new Eyce experience while the silicone sleeve keeps your glass safe and ready to travel. Shop now, and add it to your collection today. 


Shop The Eyce Spark Today!

When even the most flower isn’t enough and you want to try concentrates, the Eyce Spark is a great addition to your lineup of pipes, rigs, and other smoking products

It’s durable, long-lasting, and a great way to smoke both flower and concentrates. And like all Eyce products, it’s covered by a lifetime warranty – if you break, burn, or rip it, we’ll replace it. It’s just that simple. So if you love the Eyce Rig II, make sure to check out the Eyce Spark today.

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