Love the Eyce Spoon? Try the Eyce Alien!

Love the Eyce Spoon? Try the Eyce Alien!

Platinum cured silicone body, reinforced walls, amazing storage capabilities, and a durability that rips - honestly, what’s not to love about our Eyce Spoon?

It’s no wonder the Eyce Spoon is a faithful tool in many smokers’ personal arsenal, but if you love this silicone smoking spoon, we have something new that you might also enjoy: the Eyce Alien.

Eyce Spoon vs. Eyce Alien: What’s the Difference?

The Eyce Spoon embodies the concepts of durability and conveniences, two major factors every smoker looks for in all their accessories, especially a spoon smoking pipe.

If you’ve already been using the Eyce Spoon, you know exactly what we’re talking about, and this spoon pipe has no-doubt become your go-to especially for your more high-end products.

The Eyce Alien now takes every single thing you love about the Eyce Spoon and adds a few amazing extra features that will take your smoking experience to newer heights.

Durability is taken to insane proportions thanks to the platinum-cured silicone exoskeleton that encases a borosilicate glass spoon pipe. The Eyce Alien also has a very stylish look with an extraterrestrial silhouette that doesn’t discount usability at all, as the silicone mold feature’s fine details provide an easy grip.

In a sense, the Eyce Alien is the natural next step from the Spoon!


Eyce Is Here to Enhances Your Experience

At Eyce, we routinely push boundaries to roll-out innovative products designed to help smokers of all experience take their habits to new, better heights, and the Eyce Alien is living proof of this goal.

We believe in our products so much that they all come with our lifetime warranty. Basically, break them, burn them, rip them - we’ll replace them.

Get the Eyce Alien now for an enhanced spoon pipe experience, or check out our other silicone products and Pro-Teck products and place your orders today!
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