How To Use The Eyce Sidecar

How To Use The Eyce Sidecar



How does the Eyce Sidecar work

The Eyce Sidecar functions like many other rigs but has a number of unique features that are important to acknowledge. The silicone sidecar rig features a completely adjustable neck and mouthpiece allowing you to set up your rig in a way that is most comfortable and fits your needs. The Eyce Sidecar also features a unique honeycomb filtration system, meaning when you add water to the piece, you’ll enjoy smoother, easier hits.

How to fill your Eyce Sidecar? 

Filling your silicone Eyce Sidecar with water
Your Eyce Sidecar features built-in, honeycomb water filtration. We recommend before using, to add water to your Sidecar rig. To add water, simply remove the replaceable quartz bucket and add water through the downstem. The Eyce Sidecar requires roughly 1.5 - 2oz of water.


How to smoke with your Eyce Sidecar? 

Eyce Sidecar Adjustable NeckWhile the Eyce Sidecar may come across as intimidating, it’s actually very similar to any other rig featuring a bucket and is incredibly simple. The first thing you want to do after filling your silicone Sidecar rig is getting it situated to fit you. With one hand on the body of the Sidecar and your other on the neck of the Sidecar, gently rotate the neck. The neck can rotate a complete 360 but should be positioned in a way that’s comfortable to place your lips on while adding concentrate to the bucket. You also want to make sure that it’s positioned away from the hot quartz in order to protect your face.

Heating up your quartz banger for Eyce SidecarOnce your silicone Sidecar rig is adjusted for your comfort and filled with water, it’s time to heat up your quartz using a butane torch. Please keep in mind, you should never point the torch towards yourself or let your silicone sidecar rig come in direct contact with the flame. Point the torch towards your quartz banger and begin moving the torch slowly and evenly all over the quartz banger. Be careful not to heat just the bottom of the bucket and be sure to continuously move the flame for even heating. We find that the best method is slow even heating for 45 seconds and then allowing the bucket to cool for 30 seconds before smoking.

Smoking wax concentrate from your Eyce SidecarAfter heating your bucket, holding your Eyce Sidecar in one hand and placing your lips to the mouthpiece on the neck prepare to smoke. Using a wand or dab nail place your material into the hot bucket and inhale through the mouthpiece. If you find your bucket was unevenly heated, you may want to spin your material around using your wand to avoid charring.

Using the Eyce Sidecar carb cap for an efficient smoking experienceSet your wand down and grab your built-in carb cap from the top of the Sidecar, place the carb cap on top of the bucket as your material continues to burn and you continue to inhale. The carb cap helps prevent vapors from escaping and will allow vapors to build in the bucket, providing smoke for a larger hit. Following use, be sure to set the Sidecar down on a stable, level surface to prevent tipping. 

How to clean your Eyce Sidecar?

Dismantling the Eyce Sidecar for cleaningCleaning your Eyce Sidecar is just as easy as using it. Start by carefully removing the quartz bucket from the silicone rig, you’ll need to clean your glass separately. Clear out any solid materials using a cotton swab or stiff brush. After removing solid material, remove the water filtration and other pieces.

Using Eyce Silicone Cleaner to clean the Eyce Sidecar

Apply some Eyce Silicone Cleaner to silicone pieces. Allow all pieces to soak for 5 minutes and then scrub to remove any stuck-on grime. Using old toothbrushes and cotton swabs are great for getting stuck on residue or hard to reach spots. After scrubbing, rinse your product thoroughly and let dry. 



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