How To Use The Eyce Beaker

How To Use The Eyce Beaker


How does the Beaker work

Our silicone water pipe may seem like a complicated smoking product for those who have never found a reason to use a water pipe, but once you understand each component and how they work together, you’ll realize that smoking from the Eyce Beaker couldn’t be easier. 

The Eyce Beaker is made up of 4 major pieces:

  • The Slide - the slide is your bowl, this is where you’ll pack your material and the part of the water pipe that is lit during the process of filling the chamber with smoke. 
  • The Downstem - the downstem creates the path that brings the smoke from the slide to the water, allowing the smoke to cool and filter.
  • The Mouthpiece - the mouthpiece is at the top of the neck of the water pipe. The user places their lips just inside the rim of the mouthpiece, forming a seal; which helps draw the smoke up through the neck, once the user is ready to inhale.
  • The Chamber - The chamber is the section of the water pipe where the smoke develops and sits until it’s released by the user inhaling the smoke. 

How to fill your Eyce Beaker? 

Filling Unbreakable Water Pipe - Eyce BeakerThe first step to preparing your unbreakable water pipe for a smoke session is adding the water. It is important to make sure that the downstem is in the water - the holes at the base of the downstem should be submerged. A general rule of thumb is to make sure the water level is 1-1.5” above the downstem - the Eyce Beaker requires 1.5-2oz of water.

How to smoke with your Eyce Beaker? 

How To Use The Eyce BeakerIt’s now time to load your bowl, or “slide”. To load your slide, you can place a cluster of plant material into your bowl. Or, for a better, more consistent burn, grind your material using a grinder before loading the product. When packing your bowl, you don’t want to pack the slide so tight that oxygen is no longer able to flow through. Loosely packed material is best for a fuller hit. After packing your slide, place it gently into the downstem. Do not try to forcibly shove the slide down. The goal is to create an airtight seal, without jamming or breaking the glass smoking accessories.

Smoking Out Of The Eyce BeakerOnce your bowl is packed and the slide is in the downstem, it is time to place your lips on the mouthpiece to form an airtight seal. Taking this step prior to lighting up ensures that you’re ready to quickly inhale smoke once it fills the chamber. 

Clearing A Hit From The Eyce BeakerTo light the slide, position the lighter just above the end of the packed bowl and ignite the material while inhaling through the mouthpiece at the same time. Once the chamber has filled with smoke, the smoke is released by pulling out the bowl/slide gently and inhaling sharply to draw the smoke up through the mouthpiece. Return the slide into the downstem.

Sometimes, the juggling act of holding the pipe, lighting the slide, and preparing to inhale with your mouth over the mouthpiece can be awkward. It’s best to hold the water pipe with your non-dominant hand and use your dominant hand to light the bowl and pull the slide out when ready to inhale. Placing the pipe between your legs or on a stable, level surface also helps prevent the unbreakable water pipe from falling or tipping over.

If smoking with another person or a group of people, it’s nice to clear any residual smoke from the Eyce Beaker by gently blowing into the downstem to send any leftover smoke up the chamber and out of the mouthpiece. Blowing into the mouthpiece to do this may create a mess by sending water out of the downstem. It is recommended that you refrain from blowing into the mouthpiece. 

Cleaning your Eyce Beaker

Cleaning Silicone Water Pipe

Cleaning your Beaker is just as easy as using it. Start by clearing out any solid materials from the slide using a cotton swab or the steel poker that comes with your Eyce Beaker. After removing solid material, pull out the glass slide and the downstem. Clean the individual glass pieces separately. Apply some Eyce Silicone Cleaner to the inside of the silicone body. Allow to soak for 5 minutes and then scrub to get any stuck-on grime. Using old toothbrushes and cotton swabs are great for stuck on dirt or hard to reach spots. After scrubbing, rinse your product thoroughly and let dry. 

We recommend cleaning your unbreakable silicone water pipe after each session.


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