Are Silicone Pipes Safe?

Are Silicone Pipes Safe?

The short answer is, yes. Silicone pipes are safe when they are purchased from a reputable manufacture, such as Eyce.  

Silicone smoking pipes have become more prevalent, and for good reason. Silicone is a synthetic polymer material made by heating sand mixed with quartz to produce a stable polymer that is highly resistant to chemicals and heat. In recent years, the use of silicone in the kitchen has increased significantly because of its ability to withstand temperatures up to 520 degrees Fahrenheit, without melting. Silicone dishes can also be used safely in the microwave, as silicone does not emit harmful gasses when heated, as plastic does. Silicone is extremely durable and virtually unbreakable due to its pliability. For all of these reasons, silicone makes an excellent choice for devices that are used to consume flower, oil, or other plant matter that you heat up to smoke.

Silicone smoking pipes are fast becoming the preferred choice over glass smoking pipes. These unbreakable pipes offer the consumer a more durable and lasting option when choosing which pipe to purchase and use. Because of the pliability of silicone, our Eyce Molds smoking devices can be compacted in luggage when traveling, giving smokers the option to travel with their favorite pipe. Since these silicone products are virtually unbreakable, you no longer have to worry about damage or total loss due to a drop or fall. The durability of a silicone pipe that is cleaned after every use will last a long time, saving the consumer the cost of replacement that often accompanies the purchase of a glass piece.

Many smokers are curious about the safety of using a silicone piece for smoking. All of our Eyce Molds smoking products are made with high-grade, non-toxic, SGI tested, BPA-free silicone. Research has uncovered no known reaction to beverages or food, and silicone does not produce any harmful fumes when heated. As far as studies go, using a silicone pipe poses no known health risks. In addition to the flexibility and extreme durability of silicone, those who switch from glass to silicone smoking pipes are sure to find it very easy to clean; even withstanding your dishwasher. Smokers who are interested in making the switch from fragile glass to unbreakable pipes made of silicone can rest easy knowing they can safely enjoy smoking with the use of a durable Eyce Molds silicone pipe. What more could you ask for?

At Eyce Molds, we’re proud of the lifetime warranty we offer to consumers, on all of our silicone smoking devices. We stand behind our motto “Break it. Tear it. Burn it. – We’ll replace it.” Not only do all of our smoking products represent the safety, durability, and convenience of silicone, but they look cool, too! We’ve got silicone smoking pipes in all sorts of styles from spoon pipes; complete with a poker, a stash container lid, and a platinum cured silicone body with an inlaid borosilicate bowl, to full-on rigs, and every accessory you may desire to maximize your smoking experience.

Our exclusive Colorway Box Sets are the perfect gift for the consumer who is also a collector. We offer a variety of color combinations that are only available for a short time; making your favorite color combination a limited release that may never be available again. These boxed sets include an Eyce Molds exclusive Mini Beaker, a Spoon, a Shorty, and two replacement glass bowls. These Colorway Box Sets are a great way to make sure you have the silicone pipe you like, in the color you love. Browse our entire collection of colorful, ultra-cool, unbreakable pipes today, and build your very own private collection of Eyce Molds silicone smoking pipes.
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